The main activities of “Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering” LLP is the production, maintenance and repair of armored wheeled vehicles, armored personnel carriers:

  • – ARLAN (4X4);
  • – NOMAD (4X4);
  • – BARYS (6X6);
  • – and their modifications.

A promising direction is the creation of a modern armored vehicle “Barys” 8×8. The vehicle will have a high level of protection, firepower, mobility and large load capacity.

Armored vehicle “Arlan” (4х4)13 – is an armored vehicle for the transportation of personnel (10 people.). It is one of the best armored wheeled vehicles in the world in its class for a number of indicators. The vehicle has a high level of protection (level 3 STANAG). It can also be used as an armored vehicle fire support of infantry, CSV, or to an anti-missile launcher.


Armored wheeled vehicle “Nomad” (4×4) – the vehicle of internal security forces designed for law enforcement agencies, with the purpose of riot control and carrying out specialized operations. A key feature of the design is to provide a superior level of situational awareness, which is achieved using armored glass windows, security cameras and other sensors.


Armored wheeled vehicle “Barys” (6×6) – is a modern vehicle, which provides superior protection, mobility and firepower. As standard, the vehicle comes with a high level of ballistic and mine protection. Armored hull provides ballistic protection level 3 STANAG and mine protection is provided at 4a and 4b STANAG..