“Arlan” armored wheeled vehicles of Kazakhstan production rescued woman in childbirth in the East Kazakhstan region


On February 09, 2017, near Semey city in the East Kazakhstan region due to a strong snow-storm the roads in all directions were closed. The vehicles of Committee for Emergency Situations (CES) could not get into the Kushіkbay settlement which is 60 km from the city. In this settlement it was necessary to take to a hospital the woman in labor urgently. Employees of CES asked to help military who were passing by “Arlan” armored wheel vehicles of local production (carried out army trials).

The vehicles have successfully made their way through the enormous drifts and low temperature, where even special equipment could not pass, including CES vehicles, reached to the woman in labor, evacuated several more people and returned back and transferred her to employees of CES.

The relative of the woman in labor has promised that if the boy is born, then she will name him Arlan  - in honor of the fighting vehicle.

For reference:

“Arlan” is a multi-role MRAP (mine resistant ambush protected ) type mine-protected armored vehicle. Vehicles of this type have high road clearance, V-shaped bottom, can withstand debris and dissipate energy of blast.

“Arlan” has a high mine protection equivalent to STANAG Level 3 B – which is equal to the blast of 8kg in TNT equivalent under each wheel and same under the hull, and 50 kg in TNT equivalent at a distance of 5 m.  

Ballistic protection corresponds to the 3rd level according to the STANAG 4569 standard.

The vehicle can withstand shots from any small arms with 7.62 mm caliber armor-piercing rounds, Dragunov sniper rifle and 12.7 mm caliber NATO standard rounds.

Combat weight of the vehicle is 16 tons;

- crew - 2+8 people;

- speed is up to 100 km/h;

- driving distance – 700 km.

Equipped by:

- 285 horsepowers diesel engine;

- 5-speed automatic transmission;

- climate control system;;

- radio station with the intercom system.

“Arlan” AWV is fully adapted to the harsh climatic conditions of exploitation in temperature range from -50⁰С  up to +50⁰С.