In Armed Forces the trial army operation of “Arlan” armored vehicles of Kazakhstan is carried out


In Armed Forces of Kazakhstan the trial army operation of armored vehicles of domestic production “Arlan” begun service in Ground forces is carried out.

On “Shygys” training area in winter climatic conditions the combat capabilities of the armored vehicle of Kazakhstan have been checked. Within the test drive the military personnel has made a march on the armored vehicles over crossed snow-covered area and has tested the “SARP” weapon station which is “Arlan” AWV equipped and also has checked the armored vehicle for durability, having fired from Kalashnikov’s gun, Dragunov’s sniper rifle and OSV-96 large-caliber rifle. As a result the domestic armored vehicle has shown the high passability, maneuverability and protection ensuring staff safety.

“Arlan” is a multi-purpose armored wheeled vehicle with the strengthened antimine protection. The vehicles of this type have a big road clearance allowing to resist to splinters and to disseminate energy of explosion. The armored vehicle weighing 16 tons has a top speed of 100 km/h and is fully adapted to the harsh climatic conditions of exploitation in temperature range from -50⁰С  up to +50⁰С.  

The built-in electron-optical system of the weapon station, which is equipped “Arlan” AWV, combines a thermal imaging camera, a daylight vision сamera, a laser range-finder that allow to conduct observation, reconnaissance and sight shooting in any weather conditions, in night and day time. “Arlan” armored vehicle is developed by specialists of Kazakhstan in the Design office of “Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering” LLP taking into account requirements and recommendations of Armed Forces of Kazakhstan and manufactured by in-house facilities.   

The first batch of armored vehicles was delivered to Armed Forces of our country in 2016, today there are no analogs of the similar equipment in Armed forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The staff was trained for ensuring effective operation of the vehicles.