Employees of “Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering’’ LLP were handed with labor union cards


In the begging of the year the primary labor union organization has been established at “Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering” LLP (KPE). The union’s aim is to protect the rights and interests of employees, improve labor conditions, and to provide social security. As a result, the company has signed with the labor union a collective agreement, where all the benefits of labor protection have been registered.

‘’The management of the company has been trying to find new ways to improve the living standards of our employees and to provide social security. Now the employees of the company can get additional leave days to their annual leave, allowance for medical treatments in the amount of a monthly salary, bonuses to monthly salaries, and social helps” – said Kobey Zhanbyrshy, the deputy general director.

At the celebration of Kazakhstan’s labor union day, Kairbek Kussainov, the chairman of the Union of Mechanical Engineers of Kazakhstan, congratulated the employees of the company and handed the letter of gratitude and labor union cards.

Press office of “Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering” LLP