“Arlan” is a multi-role MRAP (mine resistant ambush protected ) type mine-protected armored vehicle.

Vehicles of this type have high road clearance, V-shaped bottom, can withstand debris and dissipate energy of blast.

“Arlan” has a high mine protection equivalent to STANAG Level 3 A and 3 B – which is equal to the blast of 8kg in TNT equivalent under each wheel and same under the hull, 50 kg in TNT equivalent at a distance of 5 m.

The vehicle can withstand shots from any small arms with 7.62 mm caliber armor-piercing rounds, Dragunov sniper rifle and 12.7 mm caliber NATO standard rounds .


Crew 3+7 persons
Payload 2500 kilograms
Ballistic protection STANAG 3 level
Mine protection STANAG level 3 A and 3 B